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Getting a Grip on Anger

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Getting a Grip on Anger

Positive ways to keep your cool

Do you often find yourself feeling angry, irritable and frustrated? Would you benefit from practical information and advice on how to deal with criticism more effectively, or how to avoid road rage or conflicts with others? We are running NHS-funded courses (4 sessions) where you listen and watch presentations by trained Outlook South West professionals on how to gain a better understanding of anger and how to control it.

There is no fee to attend these sessions. All you have to do to is either call us on (01208) 871905 to book a free place. Alternatively you choose which course you want to attend from those listed below and book a place via this website. Once you've registered your interest, you will recieve a brief telephone assessment call. Once you've been accepted onto the course, you simply turn up and form part of the audience at the first session.

The sessions cover a number of subjects including: how to become more assertive whilst remaining calm, coping with negative people and improving relationships, as well as learning what triggers and fuels anger.

To find out more or to register your interest in a free booking, call us on (01208) 871905 or complete an online referral using our registration form - [HERE

For more information about the type of things we might cover on the course, take a look at this article written by one of our Clinical Psychologists, Kevin Simpson. If you feel that the themes we discuss in this feature are relevant to you, get in touch for help with your anger. - [CLICK HERE

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